Making energy engaging

At geo we provide an end-to-end energy management experience. From in-home displays to online appliance control, we give everyone the power to shape their energy consumption – helping us all save the world (and our wallets).

Our products and services include in-home displays, mobile and online services for electricity, water, gas, heat, boilers and microgeneration.

For the consumer, we provide all the helpful and detailed information needed to monitor energy as closely as you want to. From the casual observer intrigued by the cost of running their freezer to the green energy enthusiast with an in-depth knowledge of microgeneration, we’ve got the perfect energy management package for you.

For utilities and partners, we provide an unparalleled customer engagement service. With seamless integration and first-rate support, we’ll provide you with a way to strengthen customer relationships, build loyalty and engender trust. Using our products and services you can demonstrate your commitment to helping consumers lower and manage their energy consumption.

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